Privacy Policy

Policy Regarding Protection of Personal Information

SmartEd fully understands the importance and sensitivity of personal information. We believe that privacy is more than an issue of compliance, and endeavor to manage personal information in a socially responsible manner, in line with not only SmartEd internal policy, but that also respects all relevant laws, regulations, and/or other applicable standards.

Treatment of Personal Information

1)Collection of Personal Information

When and if SmartEd seeks to collect personal information, we will make that intention clear to the customer in advance. Collection of personal information will be carried out in a lawful manner and the data collected will not be used for other than the stated purpose.

(2)[Joint] Use of Personal Information

Personal information entrusted to SmartEd will only be used after receiving the customer’s consent for the following “Purposes of Use” in the conduct of legitimate business operations.

Purpose of Use

  1. Business-related communication
  2. Explaining products or services
  3. Responding to customer questions, requests, etc.
  4. Other purposes for which the customer has been informed and has given prior consent

Use for Other Purposes

Excepting cases where law permits, SmartEd must obtain the customer’s consent in situations where the need has arisen to use the customer’s personal information for purposes other than stated above.

(3)Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

SmartEd will not provide personal information to any third party without the customer’s prior consent. However, due to certain laws and standards pertaining to personal information that SmartEd must follow, this may not apply in every situation.

(4)Procedure for Releasing / Correcting Personal Information

In the event a customer would like to reference, revise, or delete their personal information, that customer must contact us directly to make the request. So long as the request does not constitute a substantial interference to operations, and only after it is determined the request originates from the customer to whom the information pertains to, will SmartEd release, revise, or erase the pertinent information. After receiving a request, SmartEd agrees to take appropriate action within a reasonable period of time.

(5)Fees Associated with the Release of Personal Information

There may be cases where SmartEd asks the party requesting the release, revision, deletion etc. of personal information to accept associated charges. However, in such cases, this will be explained before any charges are incurred by the requesting party.

Managing the Security of Personal Information

SmartEd protects its customers’ personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, disclosure, and tampering, ensuring the accuracy and safety of personal information through the implementation of appropriate safety measures and systems. SmartEd restricts access to its office where personal information is handled and offers appropriate training to employees involved in its care.

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