Mie International School

Until now we have been using a lot of the projector based screens, and over the first couple of years of using the projector based screens we have had a lot of problems with them, a lot of smaller user interface problems and brightness problems. After being introduced to these boards we have nothing but good things to say about them, we are planning on repalcing most of the projectors in our school with these boards.
Ernie Izumi — Head of School

Enishi International School - Part 1

I’m very happy that our school has purchased these new very state of the art Promethean boards for our classrooms because they help us do many things that we couldn’t have done before. One of the really great features of the Promethean board is the ability to screencast your computer screen, not just one but multiple, and that allows me to share things that I am doing on my computer or also quickly share what students are doing on their devices on the screen so we can collaborate and work together. It’s also very helpful for our reading time because I can put the document we that are reading on the board and quickly annotate the text and teach kids how to underline and take notes in the margins which is very important skill for kids so they can have better reading comprehension and build their literacy.
Mr. Jones — Teacher

Enishi International School - part 2

The PC screen sharing feature has saved me a lot of time in preparing for class. The ability to communicate visually on a large screen makes it easier to convey content that is difficult to verbalize. The ability to save the written content on the board allows us to start the next class with the same content as before.
Ms. Sugiura — Teacher

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For inquiries about prices and products, or demonstrations by our staff.

Request A Demonstration

For inquiries about prices and products,  or demonstrations by our staff.